Repair Video: Olevia 42-inch Flat Screen LCD TV “Bad Caps” Repair


Here’s a quick video post tackling a very common issue in many aging LCD TV’s power supply board: the bad capacitor problem. This repair was performed on an 42-inch Olevia LCD flat screen TV (model 242-T11) that its owner picked it up as it was being discarded. Upon checking, it turns out that 7-8 capacitors may have been blown as they were showing bulges. One thing to note is that the repair guy (bunnspecial of Youtube) is an amateur electronics enthusiast with not much experience doing such repair. He said he has done one other successful similar fix before this video. Hence, this should be a relatively easy fix even for a beginner. If you are a beginner, don’t forget safety first.

You’ll need some soldering skills to get the bad capacitors out and then install the new ones. You could use a solder sucker to get those solders squeaky clean before installing the new components but that isn’t absolutely necessary.

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Cost of components is about $19 for getting all the capacitors needed for the TV unit model (Olevia 242-T11). You can order them online which is pretty convenient or just go to an electronics shop and look for TV repair kits available for the TV. You’ll notice though that bunnspecial only replaced the bad capacitors. One other option is to replace all the capacitors so all of them will be brand new.