Commonly Reported Vizio TV Problems


vizio_logo_ratings_box_logoTechnology has no doubt come a long way over the years and continues to advance rapidly. Of course, it is far from perfect and there are a number of things that can go wrong with any given household appliance or gadget. There are some very impressive televisions on the market these days. Vizio, for example, offers an array of LCD, LED, and plasma models in all sizes. Any of these common Vizio TV problems may arise at any time throughout the life of the set.

Perhaps the most common complaint regarding Vizio TVs is the appearance of a blank black screen even when the set is switched on and the indicator light is glowing. The screen may still light up in some instances, but in either case the screen remains blank. This issue is usually corrected by replacing the power board, but there are several other things that could be the culprit, like the backlight converter, the T-con board, or even just a faulty screen itself. If a repair shop does not have all of the LCD TV parts that could possibly be causing the problem readily available, they may need to order them all in order to single out the guilty part, which can get rather pricey.

Faulty remotes are another common issue. This is one of the much easier and inexpensive Vizio TV problems to fix. Usually this is due to a bad IR sensor or a loose wire and the parts can generally be found online for less than 20 bucks. If the cause is unknown, just replacing the remote altogether is also fairly easy and of course less expensive than dealing with a problem with the TV itself.

Commonly reported Vizio TV problems also include sound-related issues. This may be a matter of faulty speakers or disconnected wires, which are both easily remedied. If it is an issue with the main unit, then it will be a little more difficult and expensive to fix.

There are many shops offering LCD TV repair services. Purchasing an extended warranty is usually advised to cover the cost of potential expensive repairs and replacements but you will need to rely on your judgment on whether the price of the extended warranty will truly be worth it (most of them are quite pricey).



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  1. Sophia says:

    Our TV is a 45 inch vizio smart tv and it has had problems in the past where it wont turn off. But now it wont turn on at all. The power light is flashing only white… what does this mean?

  2. Evelyn monroe says:

    Vizio tv has like a glitch that happens every 8 seconds its constant? Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

  3. Ramona Faulkner says:

    I have a 32″ Vizio flat screen TV. I moved last weekend and had to transport the TV on its end. The TV worked fine before I transported it. Now when I turn it on I can’t see the picture only a shattered color pattern. There are no cracks in the screen. Anyone got any ideas how to fix screen?

    • daniel says:

      yeah take the back off and ribbions from ur screen panel take em off the board and wipe with micro wrag n put em back n and see if that helps if not u most likely have a damaged screen it cud have hair line cracks in it jus csnt see it till its powered on

  4. Soph says:

    My screen has a big circle in the middle and green lines on the side

  5. Joshua Thomas says:

    So vizio was out a week ago to repair the power board a week later my lcd panel breaks and i get cussed out and was told that it is my falt my tv is broken and that i need to just buy another tv that they wont do anything they said that it could of happen during transportation but that is not there falt so is there anything that i can do i have only had it for a month

    • daniel says:

      k was u watching tv and it jus cracked on its own if so u can call manufaucture and they send u box to send u box to send to em n they repair it for free if they van tell it was not broke by somthing hitting n damaging screen cause if it broke under normal use the crack will b completly different

  6. johnny nolin says:

    I will never buy another Vizio, this is my third and they do not last over 3 years and cost more to repair than a new TV.
    There are blurry lines on 3/4 of the screen. Very disappointing since I am retired military and cannot afford another TV.

    • Doug Baker says:

      Had the same problem after two years with 50″ model. Pictures blur 2/3rds up and text drops about 1/2 letter size and leaves lighter image of character in background creating almost impossible readability.

  7. Terah Tribby says:

    Our tv is turning on. The Vizio logo is there, but the TV won’t respond to the remote or the power button. I have to unplug it from the wall to get it to turn off. I have pretty much tried every troubleshooting idea out there, but to no avail…any ideas??

  8. Sandy says:

    The sound on my Vizio TV lowers so much I have to turn it up with the remote all the way, and then the sound blasts out so loud I have to turn it down as fast as I can. This keeps up all night! Is it the tv or the remote? Thanks

  9. Dorothea Gates says:

    My vizio goes black with half the screen horizontally I sometimes have to go to stations that are super bright for it to adjust itself in about 20 to 30 minutes.
    I am going to get it repaired but taking the 65 inch off the wall is the problem. Do repairmen make house calls.


    • daniel says:

      easy fix take back off remove ribbions that connect to ur panel to ur main board wipe em n blow into the part where the ribbions connect to n reconect em make sure tv unpluged n it shud fix it if not u ither nees new screen or main board

  10. Avril says:

    I cant believe so many cust5having problem with vizio tv my 55inch is year and a half old tv goes blank when yurn on will see flashing ligh then blank iam so dissatisfied and disappointed

  11. Avril says:

    I bought a vizio 55 inch tv a year and a half later the tv screen when turned on is blank the light flashes then went blank i am so disappointed and dissatisfied i paid good money for it i dont even know if i want to fix it

  12. C says:

    My Vizio GV42L doesn’t appear to have speakers, so I plugged in some computer speakers and very little volume comes out, it doesn’t matter if you have it at 0 or 100 the volume remains the same help?

  13. Douglas B. says:

    Have 32″ E Series Vizio. 1.5 yrs old. The remote won’t work after hooking up HDMI to Sony Blu Ray player. The smart apps were used very little on Sony. Could WiFi be the culprit? Seems like a virus changed the tv and updates aren’t coming in. Yes, the batteries were changed 2x’s.

  14. Janet Griffin says:

    Black Screen with sound – Vizio TV
    August 21, 2013 | Categories: Technical | Tags: backlight, black, black screen, blank, blank screen, Vizio, with sound 1 Comment ↓

    Does your Vizio TV screen go black? Do you still get sound? It could be related to the power saving techniques built in to the TV.

    I found this posting after spending some time searching. It took a bit to find the right search query because it is an odd problem.

    According to that posting, the backlight power savings control need to be disabled:
    1. Bring up the Vizio Menu
    2. Select “Picture”
    3. Go down to select “More”
    4. Select “Advanced”
    5. Select “Backlight Control”
    6. Change the setting to “off”

    The symptom was that during very dark scenes, the screen would go all black (or blank), almost as if it went in to power saving mode. Video would return if the video was stopped to bring up any menu. This setting should resolve that problem, so there is no need for a service call or to return the TV!

  15. Kurt says:

    Really makes me mad that this tv just worked fine now I turn it on and it shuts off automatically without even putting a picture on the screen it’s been a full day of no tv use because of this …

    • Gene says:

      If you receive an answer please let me know as I have the exact same issue.

    • Carol Gilmer says:

      That is what is happening with mine…..j just goes off….turn on and logo flashes on, then turns off….stays out for a day maybe, then no problem for months. .

    • Jane Callan says:

      My vizio is doing the same thing you complained about on June 6, 2016. Did you find out how to fix this very nerve racking problem?

  16. Debrah Moore says:

    What causes a part of the TV to be green?

    • says:

      Is it near a large speaker? Sometimes the magnet in a speaker will do that we’ll it would on an older tv not sure about the flat screen

  17. Matt says:

    1 1/2 year 55 inch Vizio has gone black like many others’ comments. Ol school box TVs played forever, usually trashing or giving away working.
    Thought Vizio was a decent TV. Wrong!😭

  18. james halderman says:

    Has developed A thin blue line from top to bottom on screen about 1/4 the way from left hand side. Very annoying when watching.

  19. Wanda Wyllie says:

    I will never purchase another Vizio. We have the same black screen issue, tried all the troubleshooting you could possibly think of and still no picture. Little LED light is on but no picture. Terrible product if they don’t even last 5 years. I’ve replace it with a Sony Bravia.

  20. Jean says:

    Our channels won’t change when in antenna mode

  21. Richard Ragona says:

    in regard to the article, it is not dated. this seems to be common among internet writers and these article mean nothing without a date.

  22. Bonnie J says:

    Every couple months my Vizio smart tv will act like it was just bought and make me go through the whole setup: select language, country, time zone, registration, tv signal source, scan for channels. What’s the deal?
    Bonnie J

  23. Dee says:

    Trashy tv. I’ve had it replaced twice, both times same issue “no sound” and screen goes RED. 6 months later, it’s happening again. 70″ worth of trash!

  24. Barbara says:

    I have the 55″ smart tv (vizio) and here is my problem 1st time ever) and it is about 1 1/2 years old.
    I turned the tv off . I went back to turn it on later. The power button lights up, but that is extent of it. No sound , no screen lights up…nothing. It won’t do anything.

    • Bill clay says:

      Well I see that I have a common problem. Won’t come on. Just black screen. This is my second Visio piece of crap.

      • Thomas Glassburn says:

        I have that issue except the power light doesn’t even light up. Idk if it’s the remote or what.

    • Dave says:

      Is Emerson an off shoot of VIZIO, because I am having the same problem with my 55″ Emerson. Called Tech, and she said something inside went gunny bag. Won’t be getting another Emerson or Vizio.

  25. Ron Menix says:

    This the thrid time in one year that this junk of Vizio
    42″ has gone black eith sound…repaired W times
    $248.00 1st time and then $40.00 2nd times
    2 months it has worked another 6 months
    And now it gone black again.

    I will not be getting it fixed ….
    I will be replacing it with another brand…Sony
    RCA. Any thing but VIZIO ….
    I think they should change there name to fizzio.

    • Lin Topping says:

      We have a 65″ Vizio that has worked well for the first year, but since then, the screen goes blank – still have sound because of our surround sound which is a separate unit- so we have to power the tv back on. Sometimes it happens once but most of the time it seems time happen as much as 6 times in a row. Very frustrating because Vizio will not do anything to help. We’ll be purchasing a different brand. No more Vizio for our family or friends.

  26. Rick says:

    My 42 in flat screen vizio will not turn off and volume can’t be adjusted

  27. Shirish says:

    I want to learn repairs of Led tv by replacing components of feathers board any institute near GOA India 403507 pl guide

  28. Usman says:

    tv won’t come one, just shows a black screen of death. Use to come on with a combination of plugging it and then unplugging waiting 30 sec but recently it’s just dead. Hardly used it. It is the worst brand of electronic I have ever purchased period. Will never buy any Vizio prouct ever again. My Sony is 12 years old and still works. Back to Sony again.

  29. Pam says:

    I have two questions and concerns;

    1. When I either walk by my tv or get up from the couch and walk by the tv it shuts off momentarily and comes back on the same channel. 2. If this keeps up will my tv be damaged?
    Please help,
    Pam Nunes

  30. Joey Hall says:

    My has characters for the channel, menu, extra that so small they cannot be read six feet away. I cannot find ANY adjustment to this anywhere. I highly regret buying this piece of shit and will NEVER buy another visio product.

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