Commonly Reported Vizio TV Problems


vizio_logo_ratings_box_logoTechnology has no doubt come a long way over the years and continues to advance rapidly. Of course, it is far from perfect and there are a number of things that can go wrong with any given household appliance or gadget. There are some very impressive televisions on the market these days. Vizio, for example, offers an array of LCD, LED, and plasma models in all sizes. Any of these common Vizio TV problems may arise at any time throughout the life of the set.

Perhaps the most common complaint regarding Vizio TVs is the appearance of a blank black screen even when the set is switched on and the indicator light is glowing. The screen may still light up in some instances, but in either case the screen remains blank. This issue is usually corrected by replacing the power board, but there are several other things that could be the culprit, like the backlight converter, the T-con board, or even just a faulty screen itself. If a repair shop does not have all of the LCD TV parts that could possibly be causing the problem readily available, they may need to order them all in order to single out the guilty part, which can get rather pricey.

Faulty remotes are another common issue. This is one of the much easier and inexpensive Vizio TV problems to fix. Usually this is due to a bad IR sensor or a loose wire and the parts can generally be found online for less than 20 bucks. If the cause is unknown, just replacing the remote altogether is also fairly easy and of course less expensive than dealing with a problem with the TV itself.

Commonly reported Vizio TV problems also include sound-related issues. This may be a matter of faulty speakers or disconnected wires, which are both easily remedied. If it is an issue with the main unit, then it will be a little more difficult and expensive to fix.

There are many shops offering LCD TV repair services. Purchasing an extended warranty is usually advised to cover the cost of potential expensive repairs and replacements but you will need to rely on your judgment on whether the price of the extended warranty will truly be worth it (most of them are quite pricey).




  1. says

    My vizio tv turns on and shows logo on the screen when it powers on but after that it goes blank I can’t get into the menu or anything like that can I change the input turn up the volume there is no picture and it won’t turn back off with the power button on tv

  2. says

    there are two areas on my visio that have darkened….like a light has gone out behind the screen. The areas are rectangled. One is on the left side of the screen and one on the right side of the screen. does anyone have any answers for the problem?

  3. Lon says

    Bought a Vizio Model E7011-A3 70″ two years ago at Wal-mart. Gave $1380. Video
    went out. Was told by Vizio it was not cost-repairable.

  4. says

    I have a70″ vizio smart tv and when i was watching tv after about 3-4 hours without any issue a line appeared about 3/4 of the way across the tv. And recommendations on if its worth trying to fix

  5. Ciara says

    My Visio 4K tv is having some picture issues. The bottom half of the screen is glitching. It sometimes shows the picture from the top half of the screen over the picture at the bottom half while the picture is showing normally at the top. I don’t know if anyone understands what I’m trying to describe but any help would be appreciated! Thanks

  6. Ericha says

    I can’t turn my tv on with the remote but can power it on the tv. I got a new remote and it still will not power on or change channels. What’s wrong with it

  7. gregg says

    I have a 55′ Vizio led tv. model M55OMV. It wouldn’t power up. A service tech replaced the mother board and the power supply. It powered up but still wouldn’t play. what else could be the problem.

  8. John Meyer says

    I have a Vizio Plasma screen TV I had a power outage when the power came back on the TV will not come back on not even the logo I’ve checked all the power plug ins and look for a reset button but found nothing what can this be

  9. Carolyn skinner says

    I have a vizio 32 Inch, just started to do this. I would turn on it would turn off turn it on it would turn off then it turned itself on well it was a few time and work. Then as the weeks go by it keeps doing this the last I counted it did it 13 time and came on and stayed on.
    The past two day I had trouble getting it to turn off. Last night it was the end it would not turn on at all changes batteries to see but no way it’s gone.

  10. charles says

    I have a vizio e420 model tv my set is black screen and no sound id’ call the corp. office and the tried to trouble shoot .but nothing !on this tv turning the tv on by remote or on tv the light comes on then goes out .very dissoppointed with this only had this tv 2 to 3 years Wow!!

  11. Herb Henry says

    My 48″ vizio flat screen tv displays the lower portion of the screen dark while the upper portion is vividly clear as it was the day I purchased it.

  12. Doug says

    I had the first visio 55 inch tv for 10 months and the screen went black. Visio sent me a refurbrished tv and it went black in 3 months. The new tv only had 30 day warrenty.i had to buy another tv, second in 14 months. And their not cheap. I didnt buy a visio this time. Visio customer service was bad. Not even a sorry. Just, you have 30 day warrenty on the new tv and say (is there any thinng else)

  13. RALPH says

    My 42 inch model E420VO will shut itself off within seconds of being turned on. Started suddenly yesterday. Does not matter if I use Vizio remote, cable remote, or manual side panel.. Does this sound like a cable box problem(was using the cable remote when it started) or a TV problem? What is the solution?

  14. Deborah Barve says

    My vizio tv is two yrs old and it will freeze can not change channels or turn off with remote or manually push on/off button on the tv. I have replaced remote . Only thing that gets it working is to unplug the tv. This is very aggravating as I’m disabled

    • Don Mussaw says

      I just bought a brand new one from the store and it’s doing the same thing. Mine is also having display issues from Channel selections. After a while there will be nothing on display except for the header bar. Then I couldn’t turn off with remote or phone control.

    • Diana says

      I have the exact same problem. In addition, the screen seems to get darker and darker. At this point only the left side can be seen properly- if you squint.

  15. Garrett Tedder says

    I have a 47inch Vizio I heard a pop and it lost all power. Anyone have any ideas what it is. I’m gonna try to fix it but if I cant. At least I got 7 years out of it with no problems.

    • MW says

      Garrett, did you find out what was wrong with your TV. Mine did the same thing, thankfully during halftime of the Super Bowl so we didn’t miss any of the game..😀 Your response is appreciated. MW

    • Good Luck says

      The pop probably means that a capacitor went bad. Look inside the TV on the circuit board for one of those round, black battery-looking things attached to the board. One has probably exploded, and you may find some slightly yellow but mostly white insulation looking material sprayed on the circuit board – it will be a very small amount and requires a lot of looking to find. The top of the capacitors has a + on it and this means that the insides explode out the top. Once you find the bad one, you can either solder in a new capacitor or purchase a new board, replacing the damaged one.

    • says

      Ironically I just had the exact same issue. I have had mine about the same amount of time as well. HOWEVER, I rarely use it. I have it in the living-room which hardly ever gets used. Everyone uses their bedroom. I can say I’ve watched it less than 30 times since I’ve had it 6-7 years or so. SAD. If I were watching it regularly, I’d be less upset. However, not the case so I’m pissed. They make new items to expire. I had my old tube TVs over 10 years before moving to FL. They were all in great working condition before I moved here. Now I’ve had 2 LCDs go out on me in the last 6 years. One I used daily and the other I mentioned. That’s not acceptable at all. I’ll see about a fix but I’m sure that will cost me when a new one should just be my choice. But I’m sure that’s their plan. If I discard this one, I’ll be sure to destroy it first. I’m so pissed.

  16. Dave says

    When my Vizio HDTV is turned on all the writing is backwards! OIZIV comes up on the screen and no volume. Great picture, but everything is mirror imagine. The picture itself is backwards as the cars steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car and they are driving on the wrong side of the street. Anyone else have this problem and a solution?

  17. Jake says

    I’m on my 2nd Vizio 60″ P series in about a year and a half. The first one kept “blacking-out” randomly after about 7 months. Vizio sent out a repairman who replaced the mother board that supposedly would solve the problem…it didn’t. The black-outs became more frequent and longer duration after just a few weeks. Vizio then replaced it with another 60″ P series. Guess what ? After about 6 months…same problem. Here’s the kicker; the 1st TV had a 1 year warranty, but the newer replacement one has only a 90 day warranty. In conclusion, my $2,000 6 month old TV will not be fixed or replaced by Vizio. So, basically, I have a piece of crap that I need to replace at my full expense. Guess what TV manufacturer I will not be buying from this time ?!

    • Dave says

      same exact thing happened to me and guess what, every person i know including the internet will know what kind of crap they make and how shitty their warrenty is. They dont give a crap either when you call them to tell them the tv is less than a year old the second time they are just wanting to get to the 2 year mark to get out of liability. What a crappy company.

  18. Denise Easter says

    I recently moved and packed my 55″ Vizio tv in its original box for added protection; however, when I arrived at my new home, using extra care in unpacking my tv, I was devastated when I turned it on. Even though the tv looked perfectly normal before turning it on, it looked as if someone had shattered it with a baseball bat when I turned it on. Does anyone know if there is anything that can be done to fix my tv??

    • Waverider says

      Sorry, but somehow, it has either been laid down on its back or screen during the moving process, and possibly either had something stacked on it, or it wasn’t laid completely flat, something under the box that caused a chassis flex from a corner, and shattered the glass layer of the internal LCD. Regardless, unless you’re inside the warranty period, it’s probably time to shop for a new one.

    • Sam in PGH says

      I just had the same issue with my 55″ but I didn’t move anywhere. I just turned around and it looked like someone hit the top left corner. I didn’t hear a “POP: or anything. The right side of picture was ok. But when I turned it off then back on, I got nothing but black with an appearance of crack in the picture in lower left corner. (Mind you, the screen is not broken.)

    • Django says

      Nothing can be done to fix your screen. It’s cracked. You most like let pressed too hard on the screen in one way or another when placing in it removing from the box.

  19. CgerryPicker says

    Blank screen. It appears to be dead. The logo light is working. But all else is non responsive.

  20. Daniel West says

    My vizio has a few problems that all started at once. Brightness changes from dim to bright on its own and vice versa as your watching it. It is connected to the internet but won’t launch an app. When you press the silver app menu button nothing happens, also same thing with normal menu button. And last one when you turn the tv on the light turns white like normal but then fades back out.

    • Val Marjoricastle says

      My 24″ Vizio LCD television, too, varies in brightness on at least 9 channels, from slightly to extremely dark, without losing definition, taking only 2 or 3 seconds each half-cycle. Have called Vizio’s toll-free number; bewildered operator asked me to e-mail photos of the dark channels. On just one of the affected channels, commercials show perfectly and variable brightness affects only the program. It’s within 90-day warranty and I wonder whether I should best merely exchange it.

  21. Herman bethea says

    I have the same problem a others my 40 inch zisio screen is black power
    Logo is on but no picture have tried main bd also power bd remain the same.

  22. OR says

    My vizio tv screen has black lines both horizontal and vertical. Is there an easy fix to this? July 18, 2016

  23. EastVan says

    Did You people know that in Taiwanese language to go Visioto means to have a bowl movement..hence to crap …

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