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Expand your electronics repair services with LCD Monitor Repair!

As my previous post on the healthy demand for TV repair indicated, being in the electronics repair servicing industry can still be very profitable if you learn to cope with the current and future trends. The thing with future trends is that they are always uncertain. But with there will always be information available to tell you to a degree of confidence the most probable direction these trends will go.

Numbers have consistently indicated that increase use of LCD-based flat screen displays in many aspects of television and computing needs. LCD and plasma TVs have become the “in” thing when it comes to TVs and the sales statistics, past and present are indicating that its predecessor, the CRT TV, is set for a steep decline.

Personal computers have likewise taken the same direction (perhaps more so than the television) as the standard issue of computer packages these days will most probably not include the bulky CRT-based monitors.

If you are into electronics repair and are wondering how you can expand your services without spending too much on tuition by going to actual electronics or tv repair schools, then here’s another one that you can add to you arsenal (aside from the self-training packages of Kent Liew: Kent Liew’s LCD TV repair, Kent Liew’s plasma TV repair).

Jestine Yong’s LCD Monitor Repair is another one of those online repair courses that’s more bang for the buck. The author, Jestine Yong, is one of the most visible in the electronics repair arena and is a seasoned veteran in lcd monitor repair. He has been in the servicing industry for more than 10 years and has taught many others on how to become a good electronics repair technician.

Basically, this lcd monitor repair course will come in the form of an e-book that contains everything you need to get jump started into the world of flat screen repair.

What’s inside the e-book? Below is a list of some of the things you will learn when you get it:

  • It will contain easy to follow step-by-step instructions. So simple anyone can follow along (200 pages
  • You will get some fundamental understanding how a LCD monitors work and how to read their technical and schematic diagrams
  • You will learn how to isolate problems in LCD monitors to help make you become more efficient in your repair work flow
  • You will learn how to read the SMD electronic components codes in the monitors
  • You will understand advanced stuff like how to read the critical waveform and frequencies in many parts of the LCD monitors. This helps you to easily diagnose the faults
  • E-book will contain complete full color photos (about 322 photos + diagrams) to go along with the instructions!
  • You will learn what is a start circuit and how this circuit function
  • You will learn what stuck and dead pixels are and I will show you a free website that have a possible way to cure them!
  • You will learn how to test the high voltage transformer
  • You will learn how to dismantle the LCD Monitor casing and lamps
  • You will learn from my LCD Monitor repair actual cases
  • You will discover all the tips and tricks about LCD Monitor repair from the 4 bonuses given when you purchase my e-book
  • And many more!

This package also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so if at any time you realize that it does not live up to its promise, you can just get your cash back!

For more info and testimonials, kindly visit Jestine Yong’s LCD Monitor Repair website.


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  1. Aseth Toolah says:

    Am in Ghana.
    How do l get Jestine Yong
    LCD monitor book

  2. Annna says:

    Well in my opinion no official course or certificate is needed to mend your computer. It can be learnt easily at home through different websites and tutorials.

    Computer Repairs Orange County (Los Angeles)

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