The Podnutz Laptop Repair Video Collection – Fix Those Laptops!


Here’s another nifty repair training that you can get online aside from the DIY LCD TV repair, plasma TV repair and LCD monitor repair courses (among others— please see sidebar navigation) that you will find on this website. The Podnutz Laptop Repair Video Collection is a collection of videos intended for those who are looking to learn how to fix laptops and notebook computers.

If you have a faulty or malfunctioning laptop and happen to be the do-it-yourself type who has a knack for repairing electronics, then this video collection will certainly be a big boost to your repair project. If you are a practicing electronics or computer repair technician and are willing to expand your knowledge base, then these videos will also help.

This Podnutz set offers video instructional on the following:

  • Fix LCD screens – Learn how to repair and replace LCD screen. Learn how to determine whether the problem is rooted to a problem with the screen itself or the inverter board. This is very important technical skill that should be learned by all repair technicians.
  • Replace motherboards – This one is something that scares most novice computer technicians and one that certainly makes most DIY enthusiasts think twice. The Podnutz videos will shatter all apprehensions regarding this somewhat delicate surgical procedure.
  • Methodically take a laptop apart – An all-important skill that must be learned before fixing a laptop computer is how to make sure that you take it apart such that you will learn how to put them back together again. Podnutz gives you a video to solve all your fears!
  • Fix AC adapters and DC power jacks – A basic yet important skill that helps you save money by teaching you how to fix faulty power cords, adapters and jacks.
  • Repair notebooks that have been spilled over by coffee, water or any liquid – This happens more than we think so this will surely come in handy. The Podnutz video set will show you how to handle this problem.
  • Replace other laptop parts (e.g. CD or DVD drives, hard disk drives, RAM and central processors)
  • Basic electronics troubleshooting and repair skills – The video set also provides instructions on basic repair skills like soldering and electronic testing. Soldering is a skill that should be learned by anyone looking to dabble in any laptop or electronic repair endeavor.
  • And a lot, lot more!!! – And by a lot, lot more I truly mean a LOT more! This particular Podnutz collection is composed of videos with a length that adds up to 10 hours of high-definition watching pleasure. It is composed of 40+ separate videos that tackles every important thing that you need to learn as far as learning how to fix notebook computers are concerned. The videos also offer an informative introduction, information on the required tools, a primer on laptop batteries, etc. It will also offer brand specific solutions like:

– Solving power problems and replacing the keyboard on a Gateway laptop
– Fixing a Toshiba, Gateway and Dell B130 laptop power jack
– Motherboard replacement on a HP DV6000
– Solving the “key not working” problem and fixing the ribbon on a Sony Vaio
– Testing a hard disk drive using Knoppix
– Replacing cracked LCD screen and cover on an Aspire 3680 and 3610, respectively
– Dealing with boot up problems on a HP DV6000
– Replacing the keyboard and screen back cover on a Dell Inspiron 1521
– Fixing and replacing the screen on a Toughbook CF-W5
– Etc.

If you are serious about any DIY laptop repair project or about your skill as professional technician, then you would do well to acquire access to the Podnutz video collection. If you wish to find out more about it and wish to see the testimonials of people it has helped, please don’t hesitate to check out their home page HERE.


How to Find a Burnt Resistor Value by Jestine Yong


For those who are training to become an electronics repairer, here is another good material from Jestine Yong of the LCD Monitor Repair and Electronics Troubleshooting e-books that he created to teach those interested in learning how to repair electronics even with no formal education.

The said material is another e-book containing information on the secret to finding the resistor value of a burnt resistor.

A resistor is an electronic circuit component that is meant to resist the flow of electric current. It has two terminals that electric current needs to pass through. As it moves from one terminal to another, its voltage is reduced. Resistors are designed to do so to maintain a known current within a component of the circuit.

However, sometimes resistors overheat and burn when they fail to dissipate the high temperature caused by the electric current. When this happens, the color code on the resistor is destroyed and hence you are left unable to figure out how to get the resistor value which is important information if you intend to replace it to fix the device it is in.

The resistor value indicates the resistor’s resistance in ohms and is an important value to know. A working resistor’s value can be measured using an ohmmeter which may be function that modern digital multimeters are equipped with. However, if the resistor fails and is burned, you may not be able to obtain its value without the appropriate schematic diagrams. Now, since schematic diagrams do not fall freely from the sky and are usually quite expensive to get, you may find yourself stuck with the particular job you are working on.

Jestine Yong’s How to Find a Burnt Resistor Value will teach you a secret method to find out the value of a damaged and unrecognizable resistor so you will never have to turn down a repair request just because you cannot figure out a single number that will let you know which replacement to get.

Jestine Yong promises that the method he teaches will work on any electronic equipment. This should come in handy for those plasma and LCD TV repair jobs. He also swears that what he teaches will be easy to understand such that you do not even need to get the schematic diagram. It will be a step-by-step detailed instruction complemented by pictures and diagrams. You will not need no complicated equipment like oscilloscopes and other expensive testing equipment.


Troubleshooting Electronics E-book By Jestine Yong


Electronics repair is a highly technical field that not all of us can go into. That is why most of us prefer to go to the electronics or TV repair guy and just pay him to fix our stuff. But this does not mean there is no hope for those who want to learn this skill but have not had any formal technical training. There is hope for the rest of us.

Jestine Yong is one of Internet’s most prolific professional who is quite active in teaching others on how to become a successful electronics repair person like he is. He teaches LCD monitor repair which is a great compliment to Kent Liew’s plasma and LCD TV repair guides that you see a lot of on these pages.

To become a good all-around electronics technician, it is not enough that you know how to fix LCD or plasma flat screens. It is also a good idea to become good at fixing other appliances that have electronic components. One way to do that is to familiarize yourself with the common components used in modern devices and learn how to troubleshoot them.

This is where Jestine Yong’s E-book comes in. Jestine Yong believes that if you know how to test the component parts of an electronic device, you can easily repair them and he maintains that this can be done faster than you may expect. By downloading his e-book, you will learn how to do just that and perhaps jumpstart yourself into the potentially profitable world of electronics repair.

If you wish to learn more about how Jestine Yong can help you learn how to accurately diagnose or test the components of most device, thereby enabling you to figure out how to fix them, I urge you to proceed to his electronics troubleshooting website and start reading. You may click on the above image to go there.

Below are more of the information that you will get with the e-book:

  • Learn about the Safety Aspects In Troubleshooting Electronic Equipment
  • Know what AC and DC are and how to test them
  • Learn how to Cold Ground And Hot Ground
  • Learn what Continuity is and and Learn How To Check Current And Resistance
  • Learn How to Use an Analogue and Digital Multimeter and Do it Like A Professional?
  • Learn what a Variable Resistor is and How To Know If It Is Good Or Bad
  • Learn what a Resistor is and How To Calculate The Four And Five Color Bands Resistor
  • Learn Open Circuit Or High Ohm In Resistor
  • Learn what a Capacitor is and The Right Way To Discharge It
  • Learn what Capacitor coding is and How to Easily Calculate The Capacitance Value
  • Learn Capacitor Breakdown When Under Full Load And The Secret Way To Accurately Test It
  • Learn What a Voltage regulator IC is and how to test it on board with power “On”
  • Learn About The meaning of The Part Number Printed On The Body of Diode, Zener Diode, Bridge Rectifier, Transistor, SCR, TRIAC, Relay, Optoisolator, Crystal and etc
  • Learn the Most Accurate Way To Test The Electronic Components Mentioned Above
  • And Many More……

Plasma and LCD TV Repair Manuals: Where To Get Them


Below are a listing of websites that offer repair and service manuals for many electronic appliance and gadgets, televisions included. Some of them offer free downloads. I can’t promise that you will find what you are looking for in these directories but if you have time to spend, go browse these sites to see if you can find the TV repair manuals you may be looking for (perhaps without paying for it).

If you found this page while looking for more information than mere service and repair manuals for plasma and LCD screen televisions, I highly recommend my favorite electronic teacher Kent Liew’s electronic repair sites on repairing LCD screen TVs, plasma TV repair, and DLP projection TV repair. These sites are pay sites but they are dirt cheap when you consider what and how much you get for joining. They offer technical and practical electronics repair education aside from service manual downloads from their vast directory containing hundreds of different models and brands. Click the above links to find out more.

Note: This listing is an ongoing project. Will add on to it as I find more.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • – this is a member’s only downloads club where you pay a fee to get access to their directory for a certain duration of time. Fees are from $5 to $48 which will give you access from 1 month to 12 months. They have a vast array of manuals that span all types of electronics from air conditioning, to cameras, to DVD players, to big screen TVs, to typewriters.
  • – they claim to offer free downloads of repair and service manuals for many many types of electronics from oscilloscopes to satellite receivers, printers, big screen televisions, plasma and LCD TV repair manuals, cellphones, computers, laptops, notebooks and monitors. I’ve tried using this directory but found it to be lacking a lot of models.
  • – this is not a free site but a store for service manuals with shopping cart to boot. According to their website, they offer support for the brands like Sony, Aiwa, Akai, Hitachi, JVC, Kenwood, Magnavox, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Toshiba and many many more! They have a well-made e-commerce site but if you’re going to need a lot of service manuals for different brands, then be ready to spend a lot of money.
  • – This is a pretty unique site because it claims not to sell repair manuals but you will only be given access if you donate to a charitable institution of his choosing. A pretty good way to get your manuals if I may say so. You hit two birds with one stone and I highly recommend getting it from them (assuming they have it) and most especially if you only need one or a couple of manuals.
  • – This one’s for the old school types. I included it here just in case there are still some of you who are into repair old school CRT TVs.
  • – This is not a directory per se. This is a forum where you can make requests for a service manual you are looking for and hope somebody has it and is willing to share. If you are looking for freebies this may be a good place to start. Just be willing to spend time waiting.
  • – This is another site that offers access for a fee structure but is not offering lifetime access. Their prices range from $4.99 to $120 to get access from 1 week to 12 months. They do have a huge list of about 750,000 manuals for many electronics brands and models.
  • – This is another online shop that sells service manuals that you can get in CD format. Costs about $25 per CD.
  • LCD Television Repair Training – This is a membership training site that offers education aside from access to their vast database of LCD TV repair manuals. Get lifetime membership and access for just $47.
  • Plasma Television Repair Training – This is likwise a membership training site that offers plasma repair education aside from access to their huge database of plasma TV repair manuals. Get lifetime membership and access for just $47.
  • Projection Television Repair Training – This is likwise a membership resource site that teaches how to repair projection TVs aside from getting access to their huge database of projection TV repair manuals. Get lifetime membership and access for just $45.
  • LCD Monitor Repair Training – Another membership resource site that teaches how to repair flat screen LCD monitors. You will also get access to their huge database of 400++ repair manuals. Get lifetime membership and access for just $47.
  • TradeBit – This site offers pay-per-download service on repair manuals of different electronic appliances and gadgets (Go use the Search function to look for the brand/model). Good site to check out because they have relatively lower prices (as far as pay-per-download is concerned). This site, however, is not exclusive to repair manuals as they also sell a bunch of other types of products.

This list is not yet finished if you have suggestions of sites that I can add here. Just leave a message in the comment box and I will see if I can add them. Thanks!


Projection TV Repair Course by Kent Liew


My favorite TV repair guru Kent Liew has recently just followed up on the success of his Plasma and LCD TV repair sites by coming up with a new help site on how to repair projection TVs. For you kids who have no idea what projection TVs are, well they were the predecessors of today’s big screen TVs and there was a time when they were the “in” thing in home entertainment systems especially when you wanted to go big.

CRT televisions weren’t good at getting to bigger sizes so they found a way to go bigger by simply projecting the images onto a big reflective or transmissive material much like what they do in movie theaters where they project image from the front. Most projection TVs that found their way in households were rear projection types where images where projected from the back of the TV onto a transmissive screen which were made of glass.

Projection TVs are still around in huge numbers and a simple Google search will show that there is still a market for projection TV repair out there which enterprising individuals and or groups can milk to add revenue to their electronics servicing business.

Now, I’m pretty sure that since this technology has gone way past its prime, information on how to repair projection TVs are already out there and they are there in plenty. So, this new Projection TV Repair Membership site is kind of late in the game. Very late.

However, this site inherits the advantages of its sister sites, the LCD TV Repair Membership and Plasma TV Repair Membership sites. Meaning, if you join this site, you will no longer have to scour the internet for most of the things you need to know to learn projection TV repair. They are all in one place and there is no need to hunt down scattered information to form the big picture much like trying to work out a jigsaw puzzle. When you join, you will get instant access to the following and get right to business:

  • More than 400 service, training, TV repair manuals to help you troubleshoot and repair different brands of projection TVs. There will be schematic diagrams, service bulletins, lamp assembly information, firmware information, etc.
  • Information on how to disassemble any projection TV unit and how to replace lamps and lamp assemblies, color wheels and other parts of the TV.
  • Information on how to access, how to login into the Projection TV Service Menu through your remote control or front panel. This tip can help you to troubleshoot and repair minor problems in some of the projection TVs.
  • Help on how to make firmware updates
  • Listing of parts suppliers that you can tap.
  • Some guides and tips on how to repair projection TVs so you can maximize your time and earn more!

These are just some of the things you’ll get when you join and Kent Liew promises to add more as time goes by. Your membership of only $45 gives you lifetime access so you don’t have to pay anything again for the additional information that you learn in the future! Join the Projection TV Repair Training Site now!

This is TV repair school right at your computers!

If you are looking for information on how to repair flat screen TVs, kindly visit my pages on LCD TV troubleshooting and repair and DIY plasma TV repair.


LCD Monitor Repair Course By Jestine Yong


Expand your electronics repair services with LCD Monitor Repair!

As my previous post on the healthy demand for TV repair indicated, being in the electronics repair servicing industry can still be very profitable if you learn to cope with the current and future trends. The thing with future trends is that they are always uncertain. But with there will always be information available to tell you to a degree of confidence the most probable direction these trends will go.

Numbers have consistently indicated that increase use of LCD-based flat screen displays in many aspects of television and computing needs. LCD and plasma TVs have become the “in” thing when it comes to TVs and the sales statistics, past and present are indicating that its predecessor, the CRT TV, is set for a steep decline.

Personal computers have likewise taken the same direction (perhaps more so than the television) as the standard issue of computer packages these days will most probably not include the bulky CRT-based monitors.

If you are into electronics repair and are wondering how you can expand your services without spending too much on tuition by going to actual electronics or tv repair schools, then here’s another one that you can add to you arsenal (aside from the self-training packages of Kent Liew: Kent Liew’s LCD TV repair, Kent Liew’s plasma TV repair).

Jestine Yong’s LCD Monitor Repair is another one of those online repair courses that’s more bang for the buck. The author, Jestine Yong, is one of the most visible in the electronics repair arena and is a seasoned veteran in lcd monitor repair. He has been in the servicing industry for more than 10 years and has taught many others on how to become a good electronics repair technician.

Basically, this lcd monitor repair course will come in the form of an e-book that contains everything you need to get jump started into the world of flat screen repair.

What’s inside the e-book? Below is a list of some of the things you will learn when you get it:

  • It will contain easy to follow step-by-step instructions. So simple anyone can follow along (200 pages
  • You will get some fundamental understanding how a LCD monitors work and how to read their technical and schematic diagrams
  • You will learn how to isolate problems in LCD monitors to help make you become more efficient in your repair work flow
  • You will learn how to read the SMD electronic components codes in the monitors
  • You will understand advanced stuff like how to read the critical waveform and frequencies in many parts of the LCD monitors. This helps you to easily diagnose the faults
  • E-book will contain complete full color photos (about 322 photos + diagrams) to go along with the instructions!
  • You will learn what is a start circuit and how this circuit function
  • You will learn what stuck and dead pixels are and I will show you a free website that have a possible way to cure them!
  • You will learn how to test the high voltage transformer
  • You will learn how to dismantle the LCD Monitor casing and lamps
  • You will learn from my LCD Monitor repair actual cases
  • You will discover all the tips and tricks about LCD Monitor repair from the 4 bonuses given when you purchase my e-book
  • And many more!

This package also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so if at any time you realize that it does not live up to its promise, you can just get your cash back!

For more info and testimonials, kindly visit Jestine Yong’s LCD Monitor Repair website.