The Podnutz Laptop Repair Video Collection – Fix Those Laptops!


Here’s another nifty repair training that you can get online aside from the DIY LCD TV repair, plasma TV repair and LCD monitor repair courses (among others— please see sidebar navigation) that you will find on this website. The Podnutz Laptop Repair Video Collection is a collection of videos intended for those who are looking […] Read more »

How to Find a Burnt Resistor Value by Jestine Yong


For those who are training to become an electronics repairer, here is another good material from Jestine Yong of the LCD Monitor Repair and Electronics Troubleshooting e-books that he created to teach those interested in learning how to repair electronics even with no formal education. The said material is another e-book containing information on the […] Read more »

Plasma and LCD TV Repair Manuals: Where To Get Them


Below are a listing of websites that offer repair and service manuals for many electronic appliance and gadgets, televisions included. Some of them offer free downloads. I can’t promise that you will find what you are looking for in these directories but if you have time to spend, go browse these sites to see if […] Read more »