Repair Video: Panasonic Plasma TV w/ LED Blinking Problem (Model TH-42PZ77U)


Is your Panasonic plasma unit not powering up? Here’s a repair suggestion from Gavin Curtis of Youtube where he shows a way to fix the Panasonic TH-42PZ77U or TH-42PZ700U with a problem signaled by 10 blinks of the LED power indicator. If you’re unit is doing that then here’s a possible solution.

Note though that this is only one possible fix and that there may be other causes or issues that need looking into but Mr. Curtis say this has worked okay from his experience. Video was created with the non-technical people in mind which makes it an ideal instructional for anyone performing a DIY repair or those trying to learn electronics troubleshooting or just want their plasma TV units working again without having to spend a fortune on professional servicing. It’s relatively a simple fix that requires no parts replacement so apart from disassembling the TV unit to get to the circuit board in question, no further surgical operation is needed. But you do need to have some soldering skills to perform a hack on the board to correct the fault caused by an open thermal fuse (caused by overheating) inside a transformer (part # BZ16GA) on the circuit board. The video will teach you a hack to fix the open thermal fuse without having to dig up the fuse itself to replace it.

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Materials that you need for this repair:

  1. Thermal fuse (Radioshack item # 2701320)
  2. 2 pices of 9 to 10 inches 20-22 gauge wire
  3. High temperature RTV silicone (Permatex item number 81160)
  4. Automotive butt & end connectors (Important tip: use the butt connectors to connect the wires to the thermal fuse instead of soldering them together. Soldering could trip the thermal fuse.)

Watch the video below (if you’re having some difficulty understanding some of the technical language used, you may want to take this plasma TV repair beginners training by Kent Liew first):


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  1. TheTick247 says:

    This worked great for me! TV back in service for only a few bucks worth of materials. First time I’ve soldered anything, but the video made it easy. Thanks!

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