Repair Videos: Planar PDP42B and Hyundai 4240 Plasma TVs


Below are two flat screen repair videos I found that shows that you can do DIY TV repair right at the comfort of your home:

Video 1: Planar PDP42 B 42″ Plasma TV Bad Capacitors

This is not a detailed step-by-step instructional plasma TV repair video but just a clip shot by the repairer after actually doing some of the repairs. The fix involved changing four bad capacitors that was causing the TV to shut down after a few seconds of turning on. If you have a the same brand and TV and model and you are encountering the same problems, then all you need to do is open it up and locate the controller card in the power supply section and see if it has bad capacitors.

How to know if the capacitors are bad? If you know something about electronics troubleshooting & repair then you will most likely not be asking that question but if you are a novice of some sort, it’s best to check out this basic capacitor testing tutorial. If you want to learn more about basic electronics repair (learn the basics like how to open up a flat screen and how to find yourself around when you get inside), I suggest you head on over to this highly specialized plasma TV repair membership site.

Video 2: Hyundai 4240 42″ Plasma TV On Screen Black Line

This is a step-by-step instructional video that deals with the notorious black line problem on the plasma screen. This is the same problem that I showed in a previous post that talked about how to repair this via a simple soldering repair which I think is one of the most common plasma TV fixes. You will only need a soldering iron and screwdrivers to open up the unit. More tips on how to do this from my previous on-screen black line plasma tv repair post. Again, if you wish to learn more seriously about this particular repair (more knowledge is always better after all), then I’d urge you to avail of the membership this plasma TV repair membership site is offering. It will save you more money in the long run and perhaps could earn you more if you decide to do this full time.

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Thank you for reading and good luck to your TV repair projects!


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