Projection TV Repair Course by Kent Liew


My favorite TV repair guru Kent Liew has recently just followed up on the success of his Plasma and LCD TV repair sites by coming up with a new help site on how to repair projection TVs. For you kids who have no idea what projection TVs are, well they were the predecessors of today’s big screen TVs and there was a time when they were the “in” thing in home entertainment systems especially when you wanted to go big.

CRT televisions weren’t good at getting to bigger sizes so they found a way to go bigger by simply projecting the images onto a big reflective or transmissive material much like what they do in movie theaters where they project image from the front. Most projection TVs that found their way in households were rear projection types where images where projected from the back of the TV onto a transmissive screen which were made of glass.

Projection TVs are still around in huge numbers and a simple Google search will show that there is still a market for projection TV repair out there which enterprising individuals and or groups can milk to add revenue to their electronics servicing business.

Now, I’m pretty sure that since this technology has gone way past its prime, information on how to repair projection TVs are already out there and they are there in plenty. So, this new Projection TV Repair Membership site is kind of late in the game. Very late.

However, this site inherits the advantages of its sister sites, the LCD TV Repair Membership and Plasma TV Repair Membership sites. Meaning, if you join this site, you will no longer have to scour the internet for most of the things you need to know to learn projection TV repair. They are all in one place and there is no need to hunt down scattered information to form the big picture much like trying to work out a jigsaw puzzle. When you join, you will get instant access to the following and get right to business:

  • More than 400 service, training, TV repair manuals to help you troubleshoot and repair different brands of projection TVs. There will be schematic diagrams, service bulletins, lamp assembly information, firmware information, etc.
  • Information on how to disassemble any projection TV unit and how to replace lamps and lamp assemblies, color wheels and other parts of the TV.
  • Information on how to access, how to login into the Projection TV Service Menu through your remote control or front panel. This tip can help you to troubleshoot and repair minor problems in some of the projection TVs.
  • Help on how to make firmware updates
  • Listing of parts suppliers that you can tap.
  • Some guides and tips on how to repair projection TVs so you can maximize your time and earn more!

These are just some of the things you’ll get when you join and Kent Liew promises to add more as time goes by. Your membership of only $45 gives you lifetime access so you don’t have to pay anything again for the additional information that you learn in the future! Join the Projection TV Repair Training Site now!

This is TV repair school right at your computers!

If you are looking for information on how to repair flat screen TVs, kindly visit my pages on LCD TV troubleshooting and repair and DIY plasma TV repair.


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