Two Online Flat Screen TV Repair Courses by Kent Liew


As I mentioned in my previous post about plasma and LCD TV repair training, there are two ways to learning how to repair flat screen TVs or any other electronics: the offline classroom method and the online self-training/DIY methods. Offline methods in the form of classroom courses are, of course, still an effective way to learn this craft but I believe that, with the advent of high-speed internet access, people should also know that there are now alternative modes of TV repair training which can be more advantageous compared to undergoing short courses in actual schools that specialize in electronics repair training.

Online TV repair courses have some distinct advantages over offline school courses:

1. With online courses, your living room is your classroom and you determine your own time in going to school. The convenience afforded by online courses cannot be denied. Go to school and learn how to repair plasma and LCD TV wearing anything!

2. Online TV repair courses are usually put together by real experts and practitioners in the field. These fellas usually have had long years of practical experience. They usually put all those years of experience into the course materials. You will learn faster because you are learning from practitioners and not just teachers following a syllabus.

3. Online repair courses do not impose any time schedules! Go on recess anytime as you virtually have all the time in the world to learn. Actual electronics schools offer time-constrained courses and hence, not everything in the repair text book can be tackled by your teacher or instructor. Online courses usually give more stuff than what can be covered inside the classroom so you are only limited by your motivation to go through all of them.

4. Online courses are most likely cheaper than classroom courses. After all, there is no need to pay for the teachers’ and instructors’ salaries and the school facilities that you may use.

If you are the type who prefers the structured four-walled classroom learning through the help of teachers and instructors, if you like taking notes, doing home works, etc., then you should go enroll at the nearest plasma or lcd TV repair school in your vicinity. On the other hand, if you love doing things and learning at the convenience and comfort of your own home using only a computer connected to the world wide web and some repair tools, then go check out two of the better flat screen TV repair courses available online:

Kent Liew’s LCD TV Repair Training Membership – This is a membership site where you can obtain all the information you need to jump start your electronics repair career. Get access to hundreds of repair and service manuals, schematic diagrams and step-by-step guides. The database of support for different LCD TV models is huge and still growing. You get access to all of it and to future additions with a one-time payment that is probably the lowest out there, considering the amount of information you get and compared to other methods of training for LCD TV repair. This membership site will help anyone of any skill level— beginner or experts alike.

Kent Liew’s Plasma TV Repair Training Membership – Like the LCD TV version, this one is also a membership site where you will get access to all the information you need to going in the plasma TV servicing field. Kent Liew promises to supply you with plasma TV repair and service manuals that you need along with the step-by-step guides to help you train yourself. This membership site will help anyone of any skill level— beginner or experts alike.


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  1. Samuel che says:

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  2. Rana Hasan says:

    It really good information for new people I like it

  3. skytech says:

    Helo! I am so intrested in all the information about lcd tv repair I’ve read above. But how do I buy most of this electronics repair training books online since I do not have a paypal account. And making fund transfer from my country I think it is officially inpossible. Please reach me on “” if there’s any alternative. I lookforward to see reply on this comment.

  4. Tim Mason says:

    Does your course cover 3D TVs?
    Tim Mason

  5. Tesfaye kebede says:

    It is very useful for who wants to learn lcd tv to repair

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