Troubleshooting & Repair Information for Newer LED and 3D Flat Screens


If you’ve been following this site for a while now and are wondering if the TV repair courses (like the training programs created by electronics expert Kent Liew & Jestine Yong) that I’ve featured in the past would still be applicable to today’s newer crop of flat screen TVs like the newer, more impressive LED and 3D televisions then I think that you’d be happy to know that yes indeed, this training course now include information that will enable you to understand, troubleshoot and repair newer television display technologies.

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Is there a big difference between LCD and LED TVs?

The transition should be easier than most people think because the newer technologies are only built upon the innovation on previous implementation of the older technologies. Case in point are the so called LED flat screens of today. Not all people know that these are simply applications of improved LCD back-lighting technologies using smaller, lighter and more energy efficient LEDs (light emitting diodes). These devices still use LCD screen displays but instead of the older CCFL* back-lighting, they use LEDs. And since LEDs are more compact, these enable designers to come up with slimmer and lighter models (check out “edge-lighting models”) that we see a lot today. Take note: LED TVs are simply LED back-lit LCD TVs and while manufacturers seem to package these things as newer technologies, one is simply the progeny of the other. In fact, for the sake of transparency, regulation should direct all manufacturers to categorize them as “LED LCD TVs” in the packaging! 🙂

The same goes for 3D flat screen TVs as these are basically the same LCD screens re-designed and modified for 3D viewing.

Hence, the same troubleshooting and repair principles should apply to these newer display screens and it should be easy for most electronics repair people to transition.

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*CCFL – cold cathode fluorescent lamp



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  1. Bobby Saint says:

    I like the fact that you talked about LED TVs being basically just LCD TVs that use more energy efficient light emitting diodes. I initially thought that these LED TVs are a lot more advanced. Nevertheless, it’s still recommended to contact a professional technician in case your tv needs to get some repair – regardless whether it’s an LED or LCD tv. A licensed technician should be able to make a good assessment and will make the necessary repair on your tv set. If I ever need to get my LED tv repaired, I would make sure to look for a reputable technician in the area. Thanks.

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