LCD TV Problem: Polaroid Model FLM-3732


How to repair a Polaroid LCD TV that’s showing no pictures

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For those who bought a Polaroid LCD HDTV some two or so years ago, chances are you’re already having some issues right now with your unit. These televisions, particularly this model (FLM-3732), are notorious for blinking out on you because of some bad capacitors. Basically the symptoms would be such that when you turn it on, the blue indicator light lights up but the screen pictures do not. It’s just blank like it’s turned off. Although I’ve told people that this year might be the best time to buy a new TV, I remain practical in the sense that if you can repair your malfunctioning TV and it won’t cost you more than $4.00, then definitely, repairing should be an option worth trying. The alternative, which is to go out and spend around $600.00 for a new LCD TV should remain a course of action in the event that your $4.00 repair attempt fails.

There are 5 parts to this LCD TV repair video:

If you’re going to try this repair please remember my disclaimer and please keep in mind these TV Repair Safety Reminders. If you’re serious about learning how to repair flat screen TV’s please check out this online LCD TV repair course and this DIY plasma TV repair guide.

Thanks for reading good luck with your do it yourself LCD TV Repair project.


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  1. Flo says:

    My flat screen Polaroid TV screen now turn white, but it still has sound. What does it mean?

  2. Tammy says:

    My TV is about 10 years old. Polaroid LCD. It started sizzling…..then got louder and Picture turned black. I turned it off then back on. It was dim around the outside of picture, then went out again. Still sound but no picture…..

  3. elias says:

    i have a polaroid tv 32 inch flm 3732. if i no it the pictuer is soon black n white and i need to fix it and a ask

  4. Kelly says:

    The higher voltage won’t burn out the board?

  5. ROBERT says:


  6. Dakota says:

    My TV turns on but the screen blinks on and off and says please wait what should I do

  7. sonja says:

    Our red power light will not even light up when plugged in. And yes, we checked and it is not the outlet. We are thinking it might have been a power surge but aren’t sure. Any suggestions? TIA

  8. dave says:

    if the red light is on and it wont turn blue, is this still likely the correct fix?

  9. Lauren says:

    Hi would it be possible to repair my plazma TV screen cracked

    • Jon FS says:

      Hi, Lauren. Cracked screens are usually turned down by many repairers because the cost is prohibitive. You might as well buy a new flat screen. You could try calling up a few repair shops (including the manufacturer) to learn more about your options and the potential costs.

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