Using a 4K TV as computer monitor?


One of the things people might be wondering about 4K TVs is whether they can be used as full time monitor displays for computers. Well, the short answer, as the following video by MrThaiBox123 of Youtube shall show is YES. This solves a lot of the screen real estate issues plaguing many of us since most laptop or desktop computer monitors hasn’t really gotten past high definition level pixel counts. If you only have a laptop, you could set this up for your home work station so that when you get home, all you do is plug in your laptop and you can have a bigger, more spacious screen to work with. Will certainly come in handy if you’re into photography, graphics and video which usually require ample screen space.

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One question that might pop in your head is on the cost-effectiveness of such a setup. With most 4K TVs from the likes of Samsung, LG and Sony being sold at approximately $3,000 minimum, would the additional resolution be worth the price? Well, the answer is probably no if you’re looking at those brands. The video looks at a 39-inch unit made by Seiki which is significantly less expensive (at only $499.99 as of this writing) compared to its big brand counterparts. Vizio and Polaroid are also at the heels of this downward price trend as reported in my previous article so using 4K flat screen TVs as your computer (whether you’re using PC or Mac) is becoming more and more feasible. Of course, dedicated monitors are probably bound for this the Ultra HD resolution as well but you can go the 4K TV route if you want to be ahead of the pack.

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One important thing to watch out for if you’re considering this is whether or not the 4K TV that you’re considering of getting will match the refresh rate you need which is especially important if you’re into video. The Seiki is reportedly able to handle up to 30 fps so watch out for that.

Video follows: (Check out the 39-inch Digital 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV – Model SE39UY04)


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