Electrolysis-damaged Sony Bravia LED TV circuits can be fixed


This is a sort of a follow up to the previous video post we made on the water-damaged Sony Bravia LED TV based on an interesting comment from a reader who thought the TV could be repaired easier than what norcal715 thought, who suggested the unit may be headed to the landfill.

A commenter going by the handle Travis indicated that the unit could be saved from the landfill and be repaired but his method is nothing short of surgical (you literally need a scalpel) in nature so you’ll need some surgeon’s skill to be able to accomplish this.

Here’s what Travis suggests:

“To fix this isn’t as difficult as you think. Find an old pcb board that you don’t use anymore, old VCR’s dvd players etc. Find a thin piece of track that is close to the same size as the ones that are broken on your TV. Use a scalpel blade to first remove the solder mask from the track on the old PCB. Gently cut the track to the appropriate length and peel it off from the old PCB with the scalpel. This may take a few practice runs to get it right . Next, scrape the back of the track to remove all the glue . This is the hardest part, I cant tell you how many pieces of track that jump away on me never to be found. Now go to the TV and scrape away 2x the track thickness of the solder mask on each side of the broken track. Using flux, add a small amount of solder to 1 side of the track. use alcohol to clean any old flux and solder mask debris. Add a small amount of flux again and with a pair of tweezers solder one end of your track to the TV. Gently clean area again. You may have to reposition the track, now is the time to do it. Always add flux and clean. Once you have it lined up, use the tweezers to hold down your track and solder the other side and clean once again.”

Now, if you’re doing this professionally you’ll need to consider how much time you’ll need to accomplish this repair and charge for it so yes, you’ll need to be able to do a little cost-benefit analysis and advise the client accordingly. Based on your skill and experience, I think you might still actually make some money from this repair and make a customer happy (by keeping repair costs low considering materials you need should be cheap to find). If you’re doing this DIY on your spare time then I think it’s a pretty good learning experience to be able to do this regardless.

Here’s the video once again:


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  1. Ashley says:

    Is there someone that can do this repair for us for a fee? We had the same issue happen yesterday with our 46″ Bravia. We live in Massachusetts.


  2. frans says:

    thanks for the article..tremendous review.great worked! now i deeply understand about led tv.i try to figure out lately until i find your blog.god bless u..i will bookmark your site

    • DP says:

      Frans, Did you try this? Is this successful? I also have the same problem in my SONY Barvia LED TV. Wanted to confirm with you before I try this.

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