Plasma and LCD TV Repair Information: How easy is it to find them?


If you’ve been scouring the internet for information on DIY television repair then you probably already know that it’s one of those things that are easier said than done. Sure there are lots of sites and TV repair forums that offer help on the subject but most of them offer bits and pieces of information that will be hard to put together most especially if you’re a non-technical person who’s looking to undertake a do-it-yourself repair project.

Of course you want to do it right and avoid mistakes that could cost you more. Hence, you set out to arm yourself with as much as information as possible so you go on the internet to search for them but finds puzzle pieces. Yikes.

We all know how it goes. You go to a forum and post a question and waits for an answer. If you’re lucky you get an answer quickly and one that actually helps. If you’re out of luck, days and months will pass while your plea for help gets stuck in virtual limbo. This poor fella waited one year for an answer to his plasma screen problem query. He probably gave up on it and just hauled the thing to a service center and got billed $600 for a problem that can probably be resolved with a careful soldering exercise. Or worse, he could have thrown the television out. Hopefully, he didn’t hurt his back carrying the thing out and thereby spent thousands more for physical therapy.

Looking for repair manuals and schematics? You will find online stores that are selling them per copy but if you wish to get more for many other brands and models then it will definitely be expensive. But there are these LCD TV training membership site and plasma TV training membership site that are offering repair manuals for over 400 brands and models worldwide for a small fee that would be equivalent to just around 4-5 manuals if you get them from those buy-per-copy sites.

Yes, you could get some manuals free as well but again, they will merely be pieces of the puzzle. The membership sites I mentioned above are actually giving out a free service manual for Sony LCD TV Model KLV-27HR3 and one for LG Plasma TV Model DU-42PY10X. I downloaded them but alas- I didn’t know what to do with them. If you’re a non-technical person like me, you’ll probably need more than just the TV repair manuals.

The two membership sites that I mentioned above have them all— basic information for beginners and detailed technical data for seasoned or experienced repair gurus. And here’s the kicker: They have visual troubleshooting guides which I definitely love!

They’re the ultimate repair forums where you won’t have to buy each and every manual. You pay a one-time fee equivalent to to a couple or so decent burgers and you will get all the information you need from, get this, from only one or two sites! You will also get access to new manuals and information that come out any time in the future!

See there’s no need to go sleuthing all over the internet for a wild goose chase. Get complete TV repair information now and quick!


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