Plasma and LCD TV Repair Manuals: Where To Get Them


Below are a listing of websites that offer repair and service manuals for many electronic appliance and gadgets, televisions included. Some of them offer free downloads. I can’t promise that you will find what you are looking for in these directories but if you have time to spend, go browse these sites to see if you can find the TV repair manuals you may be looking for (perhaps without paying for it).

If you found this page while looking for more information than mere service and repair manuals for plasma and LCD screen televisions, I highly recommend my favorite electronic teacher Kent Liew’s electronic repair sites on repairing LCD screen TVs, plasma TV repair, and DLP projection TV repair. These sites are pay sites but they are dirt cheap when you consider what and how much you get for joining. They offer technical and practical electronics repair education aside from service manual downloads from their vast directory containing hundreds of different models and brands. Click the above links to find out more.

Note: This listing is an ongoing project. Will add on to it as I find more.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • – this is a member’s only downloads club where you pay a fee to get access to their directory for a certain duration of time. Fees are from $5 to $48 which will give you access from 1 month to 12 months. They have a vast array of manuals that span all types of electronics from air conditioning, to cameras, to DVD players, to big screen TVs, to typewriters.
  • – they claim to offer free downloads of repair and service manuals for many many types of electronics from oscilloscopes to satellite receivers, printers, big screen televisions, plasma and LCD TV repair manuals, cellphones, computers, laptops, notebooks and monitors. I’ve tried using this directory but found it to be lacking a lot of models.
  • – this is not a free site but a store for service manuals with shopping cart to boot. According to their website, they offer support for the brands like Sony, Aiwa, Akai, Hitachi, JVC, Kenwood, Magnavox, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Toshiba and many many more! They have a well-made e-commerce site but if you’re going to need a lot of service manuals for different brands, then be ready to spend a lot of money.
  • – This is a pretty unique site because it claims not to sell repair manuals but you will only be given access if you donate to a charitable institution of his choosing. A pretty good way to get your manuals if I may say so. You hit two birds with one stone and I highly recommend getting it from them (assuming they have it) and most especially if you only need one or a couple of manuals.
  • – This one’s for the old school types. I included it here just in case there are still some of you who are into repair old school CRT TVs.
  • – This is not a directory per se. This is a forum where you can make requests for a service manual you are looking for and hope somebody has it and is willing to share. If you are looking for freebies this may be a good place to start. Just be willing to spend time waiting.
  • – This is another site that offers access for a fee structure but is not offering lifetime access. Their prices range from $4.99 to $120 to get access from 1 week to 12 months. They do have a huge list of about 750,000 manuals for many electronics brands and models.
  • – This is another online shop that sells service manuals that you can get in CD format. Costs about $25 per CD.
  • LCD Television Repair Training – This is a membership training site that offers education aside from access to their vast database of LCD TV repair manuals. Get lifetime membership and access for just $47.
  • Plasma Television Repair Training – This is likwise a membership training site that offers plasma repair education aside from access to their huge database of plasma TV repair manuals. Get lifetime membership and access for just $47.
  • Projection Television Repair Training – This is likwise a membership resource site that teaches how to repair projection TVs aside from getting access to their huge database of projection TV repair manuals. Get lifetime membership and access for just $45.
  • LCD Monitor Repair Training – Another membership resource site that teaches how to repair flat screen LCD monitors. You will also get access to their huge database of 400++ repair manuals. Get lifetime membership and access for just $47.
  • TradeBit – This site offers pay-per-download service on repair manuals of different electronic appliances and gadgets (Go use the Search function to look for the brand/model). Good site to check out because they have relatively lower prices (as far as pay-per-download is concerned). This site, however, is not exclusive to repair manuals as they also sell a bunch of other types of products.

This list is not yet finished if you have suggestions of sites that I can add here. Just leave a message in the comment box and I will see if I can add them. Thanks!



  1. Dan M says

    Try and get the service manual for Sceptre TV. They won’t sell you one. they prefer to see you pay to send it to them and pay to have it returned. Plus, gouge you for the repair. I have my own shop and 40 years experience in electronics. I won’t ever buy another one.

  2. olamipo says

    Hello there! I agree with anonymous that this sites help technicians to repair and troubleshooting devices, but does these sites also gives schematics and repair info for lcd panels (screen)? Because as far as i’m concern lcd panels repair is the major problems most technicians face when it comes to lcd tv repair. Please kindly reply if you know any sites that offer lcd panel repair schematics and info. Thanks.

  3. hugh plummer says

    They have over 500,000 manuals available and are offering a FREE manual to anyone who likes them on Facebook at the moment.
    Includes vehicle Owner & Factory Service Manuals / TV’s / Computers / Hi-Fi / Washing Machines / Microwaves etc…

    Search By Make / Model / or Keyword

    worth a try?

  4. says

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  5. Will says

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  6. Anonymous says

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