Commonly Reported Vizio TV Problems


vizio_logo_ratings_box_logoTechnology has no doubt come a long way over the years and continues to advance rapidly. Of course, it is far from perfect and there are a number of things that can go wrong with any given household appliance or gadget. There are some very impressive televisions on the market these days. Vizio, for example, offers an array of LCD, LED, and plasma models in all sizes. Any of these common Vizio TV problems may arise at any time throughout the life of the set.

Perhaps the most common complaint regarding Vizio TVs is the appearance of a blank black screen even when the set is switched on and the indicator light is glowing. The screen may still light up in some instances, but in either case the screen remains blank. This issue is usually corrected by replacing the power board, but there are several other things that could be the culprit, like the backlight converter, the T-con board, or even just a faulty screen itself. If a repair shop does not have all of the LCD TV parts that could possibly be causing the problem readily available, they may need to order them all in order to single out the guilty part, which can get rather pricey.

Faulty remotes are another common issue. This is one of the much easier and inexpensive Vizio TV problems to fix. Usually this is due to a bad IR sensor or a loose wire and the parts can generally be found online for less than 20 bucks. If the cause is unknown, just replacing the remote altogether is also fairly easy and of course less expensive than dealing with a problem with the TV itself.

Commonly reported Vizio TV problems also include sound-related issues. This may be a matter of faulty speakers or disconnected wires, which are both easily remedied. If it is an issue with the main unit, then it will be a little more difficult and expensive to fix.

There are many shops offering LCD TV repair services. Purchasing an extended warranty is usually advised to cover the cost of potential expensive repairs and replacements but you will need to rely on your judgment on whether the price of the extended warranty will truly be worth it (most of them are quite pricey).



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  1. Deborah Barve says:

    My vizio tv is two yrs old and it will freeze can not change channels or turn off with remote or manually push on/off button on the tv. I have replaced remote . Only thing that gets it working is to unplug the tv. This is very aggravating as I’m disabled

  2. Garrett Tedder says:

    I have a 47inch Vizio I heard a pop and it lost all power. Anyone have any ideas what it is. I’m gonna try to fix it but if I cant. At least I got 7 years out of it with no problems.

  3. Dave says:

    When my Vizio HDTV is turned on all the writing is backwards! OIZIV comes up on the screen and no volume. Great picture, but everything is mirror imagine. The picture itself is backwards as the cars steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car and they are driving on the wrong side of the street. Anyone else have this problem and a solution?

  4. Jake says:

    I’m on my 2nd Vizio 60″ P series in about a year and a half. The first one kept “blacking-out” randomly after about 7 months. Vizio sent out a repairman who replaced the mother board that supposedly would solve the problem…it didn’t. The black-outs became more frequent and longer duration after just a few weeks. Vizio then replaced it with another 60″ P series. Guess what ? After about 6 months…same problem. Here’s the kicker; the 1st TV had a 1 year warranty, but the newer replacement one has only a 90 day warranty. In conclusion, my $2,000 6 month old TV will not be fixed or replaced by Vizio. So, basically, I have a piece of crap that I need to replace at my full expense. Guess what TV manufacturer I will not be buying from this time ?!

  5. Denise Easter says:

    I recently moved and packed my 55″ Vizio tv in its original box for added protection; however, when I arrived at my new home, using extra care in unpacking my tv, I was devastated when I turned it on. Even though the tv looked perfectly normal before turning it on, it looked as if someone had shattered it with a baseball bat when I turned it on. Does anyone know if there is anything that can be done to fix my tv??

  6. james dunn says:

    The llogo vizio light is on but won’t turn on

  7. CgerryPicker says:

    Blank screen. It appears to be dead. The logo light is working. But all else is non responsive.

  8. Daniel West says:

    My vizio has a few problems that all started at once. Brightness changes from dim to bright on its own and vice versa as your watching it. It is connected to the internet but won’t launch an app. When you press the silver app menu button nothing happens, also same thing with normal menu button. And last one when you turn the tv on the light turns white like normal but then fades back out.

  9. Herman bethea says:

    I have the same problem a others my 40 inch zisio screen is black power
    Logo is on but no picture have tried main bd also power bd remain the same.

  10. OR says:

    My vizio tv screen has black lines both horizontal and vertical. Is there an easy fix to this? July 18, 2016

  11. EastVan says:

    Did You people know that in Taiwanese language to go Visioto means to have a bowl movement..hence to crap …

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