Plasma TV Problem: On-screen Vertical Black Line


Below are two totally contrasting videos on how to repair the screen on a big screen tv, specifically a well-known plasma television problem where vertical black lines appear on it. The first plasma TV repair method, shown in the first video, may be a fun way to do it but it might lead to more problems that could cost you more. The second method shown in the second video is a more sober way of doing it. This is a very simple fix that you could do to so you won’t have to bring your unit to service centers and get charged $600. You can learn this problem fix and offer to do it for others and charge them…

Video 1:
Problem: vertical black line on plasma screen
Tool/s needed: baseball bat

Video 2:
Problem: vertical black line on plasma screen
Tools needed: soldering iron, solder, screw drivers, pen and paper
Time duration: approximately 1.5 hours or longer

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Some important tips before starting your repair project:

1. UNPLUG the unit. This is very important. You shouldn’t save a few hundred bucks by fixing your telly yourself and then spend thousands on hospital bills.

2. Use the pen and paper to create a diagram of the back panel of the screen so you can map out the locations of the screws so you won’t have trouble putting them back. Take note of the screws for the smaller backing plate and the main backing plate. Don’t mix them up.

3. Use a desk lamp to illuminate the work area and the circuit boards that you’ll need to work on.

4. Take your time soldering. If you’ve had no experience soldering before, some practice is recommended. Soldering the circuit boards is fiddly work but once you get the hang of it, it will be quite easier. Don’t burn yourself!

To learn more about TV repair for beginners (or even for experienced or expert repair individuals), I’d recommend that you check out this membership site on plasma television repair. It’s a community full of resources (E-books, service and training manuals, schematics and support) and is quite a gold mine for anyone looking for comprehensive information on this subject and for anyone tired of scouring the net for scattered bits of information that you still had to put together.

Thank you very much for reading this flat screen TV repair tip.

Update: A new video on how to solve this problem has been posted on July 1, 2009. This time it’s on a Hyundai 4240 plasma black line problem.


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  1. dominic says:

    kent i had asked awhile ago if you had a deal if i took a dlp,plasma,and a lcd e book together you never got back to me,im interested in getting these asap,i have an issue with a plasma i just repaired but im having a problem still,i replaced a y sustain board and both upper and lower buffers,it seemed to correct the original problem but now im getting purplish pinnk pixels popping up on the left side of the tv if im facing it i can really notice it if i put the tv into a white screen mode any clus ,im stuck ,get back to me on the e books ,thanks dominic

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